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Wednesday, March 7th 2012

5:08 PM

Sunny The Yellow Dog....

  • What is your mood? chipper
  • What's the weather like? warm 70... come on spring!

     I haven't blogged a lot lately, so I thought I'd give it a try again and write about Mr. Sunny.  He is settling into the farm life pretty well so far.  He walks with me as we do our afternoon feeding and watering chores and seems to be quite content.  No one seems to pay him much nevermind, except the turkeys.  They are still quite suspicious of the new comer.  I can hardly blame them as the coyotes and fox too have fur and four legs.  Hopefully Sunny will help to warn those pesky varmits away from our farm.  Still the turkeys run quickly away...gobbling warnings to the other birds...who now just glance and say...Oh, it's the new guy...crazy turkeys. 

     I agree with you turkeys... don't offer up trust quiet yet.  Especially since you keep running, he's bound to chase you and think it's a game.  The play could get too rough, and yes, you could be in danger.  We are working on his training, and I hope that soon, he will no longer be a threat to you.

     We walked and did our chores and then went and played fetch the ball as a reward.  Sunny runs and fetches the ball...but still doesn't return it to me directly.  He did a lot better today than he did yesterday.  Consistant practice will soon give to the practice of returning the ball I'm sure.  He seemed to like earning a bite of a doggie cookie for returing the ball.  We are a good team... go exercise and then reward yourself with some cookies... What a pair we are!  

    Sunny did well with the sit command today too.  Now if I can just get him to respect all of the family and not jump.  He's growing a little more everyday.  Miss Scarlett would be proud of him... I can see her snickering at him...saying chill...you silly pup! 


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