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Wednesday, April 5th 2017

6:02 PM

Weather Day

  • What is your mood? Thankful
  • What's the weather like? Stormy

Well... we've been sitting at home today watching the spring weather.  Thunderstorms rallied all around us... but we've had mild weather so far today... They say there may be one more wave that will come through.  The little seeds in the ground will appreciate the spring showers and hopefully they will sprout and grow into some delicious summer veggies.  

     I haven't been much at keeping the website going... need to improve... We are getting a third grandbaby now... and of course we love our grand ones!  They keep us busy and remind us what it is like to be a child.  

    We're having fun helping the local elementary school with their STEAM gardening efforts too.  There is just something about digging in the soil and watching things grow.

     Back to grand babies... I hope we get some peas to shell on the porch this summer.

      Take care ... and God Bless!  

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, January 24th 2016

6:59 PM

A cold day....

Well it's January 2016 and it's cold... We've been enjoying the grand babies a lot... The Nug has a little brother Tater... and now he's almost 2... Nana has got to get busy one day and get back to our website... and add some new memories!  ... seems we just keep busy all the time!   As usual... I'm dreaming of spring... and a little garden... hoping the babies will enjoy gardening with me in the summer time... Lindi is engaged... and soon to be married... time just flies too fast! 

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Sunday, February 8th 2015

6:56 PM

Time flies....

Well it's been a while since I've blogged... and I'd really like to get back into the swing of things...  We've been busy enjoying the Grand ones... Little Nug and Now little Tater... They make life fun!...but oh so busy with little ones.  
    Nug has really enjoyed gardening with us the past two years... and soon we will begin again this early spring... Planting lot's of sunflowers along with our veggies! 
    And this year... Tater will learn to dig in the dirt with us!
    Pawpaw spent the afternoon beginning to tear down the old shop... There's a lot of clean up yet to go... but maybe he will be able to rebuild his new shop soon... The kids will love tinkering with him as Nug already does... and Tater will follow soon behind.
     Winter is the time for dreams!  I began dreaming about working in the yards as we finally  had  a beautiful weekend to spend outside.  Lot's of work... don't know if my old body will hold up... but I guess I can have fun trying.  Dreaming of planting lot's of pretty flowers... dreaming of smelling fresh cut grass... dreaming of kid laughter playing in the tree house... Dreaming is good for the soul!
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Wednesday, May 29th 2013

11:36 AM

Getting old....

  • What's the weather like? Summer is warming up!

      Well... I'm getting old... I'm so out of shape!!!  I decided I'd try and help with the yard work... knock the weeds down.  They are always rampant in the spring... and summer... and always...lol...

     So I went out to start up the old push weed eater... needed gas... pull, pull, pull... no start... We did repairs last year... but maybe it's time for a new one... so off I go and get a new one... pull start up...

     Work... tired... hot... stop.... rest... try again... work... tired hot... work ... tired... hot... didn't get much done...

     Tried again today... same senerio... work, tired stop... lost the string... it's hot... doesn't want to start... go sip some water and come back later...  cut around pool... make bigger mess...now need to clean the pool... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

I don't last for very long... Guess the honey is gonna have to get me a yard guy... ( I hear him sigh...oh no...) Yep... every time he's tried to get me some help ... they've cut something down that didn't need cutting down... but I guess that's better than all the weeds...

        I'm just getting old... but the weeds keep growing...

       On another note... Nugbug is feeling all better... still don't know why she felt bad for a couple of days...she shook it off and is playing up a storm... Daddy made her go home last night... She should have stayed with Nana... then I wouldn't be trying to cut weeds... lol...

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Saturday, May 25th 2013

6:54 PM

Just a swinging...

      It's been a nice Saturday...even though little Nug caught a fever somehow... but overall she's been in a pretty good mood.  Pawpaw made her swing on her tree house today... Now she has her blue swing and her horsey swing... So she'll be swinging the rest of the summer.

    She took her tools out and helped Pawpaw as he worked (She was just a hammering and using her screw driver ....tightening up all kinds of things around the tree house ) ... with a few trips down the slide now and then in between.  We also had a mini picnic in the tree house today... nothing like a chip break with Miss Nug! 

    Granny brought us the cans she saved for us to work on our telephone system... so we've still got a project for next week... That and the bucket/ pulley system...

     Hope my Nugbug feels better tomorrow... She's been taking a late afternoon nap... and she's still warm...

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Friday, May 24th 2013

2:11 PM

Watching her sleep....

  • What is your mood? pleasant
  • What's the weather like? Cooler and breezy...

     Sitting here watching baby girl sleep.  She laid down for a little nap so sweetly.  I told her I didn't want her to be too tired for gymnastics this afternoon and she crawled right on her blanket and went to sleep.  I can't believe how quickly she has grown in two and a half short years... or how much that she has captured my heart!

      We've had a nice morning, playing in the tree house, and doing a few chores.  She said thank-for each towel I passed her to put in the dryer and helped me wash the dishes.  Oh... and she is so sweet making up her bed in the morning.  She pulls and tugs and straightens her blanket while I make the big bed.  She's a little girl that has her Nana's heart. 

     We checked on the animals, and she played with a grey bunny.  She spoiled him with a lettuce snack and helped herself to one as well.  We checked on the chicks and Nana tried to explain that the Mama hen would flog us if we tried to get the chicks... We talked to the goats and Baabaa the sheep... and played with the kittens too of course!

    The breeze was a little strong in the tree house... but it made her colorful spinners spin...whirling in the wind and she just giggled... and she played writing things on her chalkboard... (her favorite thing to do...other than climbing and sliding...Did you know that Nana can slide too... she gets such a kick out of watching Nana slide...lol)... Before we headed back to the house she had to swing a few times on the swing too... 

      Yep, I've just been watching her sleep and appreciating a wonderful summertime day with my Nugget!


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Wednesday, May 22nd 2013

7:39 AM

Summer 2013

      Well summer is finally here and I'm a happy girl.  I woke up way to early for my first day of summer break, but I've been enjoying the morning watching the sun bounce on the clouds and sipped on my second cup of coffee.  There is a wonderful breeze coming through the screen door, and I hear little goats maaaaaa...ing and an occasional crow from the rooster.  Life is good home on the farm. 

      Hum... what shall I accomplish besides some restful days from the hustle and bustle of teaching elementary school?  The chore list is long... I defiantly want to play with NugBug as much as I can.  She is growing up too fast.  I added some things to her tree house so we can climb up there and play, play, play.   We've gotta get Pawpaw to finish the swings... and we can sit and play and watch the garden grow.

      We've got baby chicks... two momma hens hatched off babies this past week... certainly means spring/summer is here on the farm.  The baby bunnies are growing fast too.  (Lots of little bunnies...if anyone wants one...lol)... baby pigs, baby goats.... Yep, spring has been here!

       We're still trying to cut grass... the mower keeps looking at the job and saying... NO... I quit...and breaks...lol... but Farmer Pate keeps putting it back together... Maybe Nana can get out there and help Paw paw get it cut now that school is out. 

       Good morning... ready for a blessed day?  I am.  Thank you Lord for this day, for I know it is you that made it.  Amen!

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Sunday, December 23rd 2012

3:23 PM

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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  • What's the weather like?

....So if it has to be cold....sitting by the fireplace is the cozy place to be.  I've been enjoying our little grand daughter so much these days.  I can hardly believe she is almost 2.  Time just flies by faster and faster. I hate to blink in fear I will miss something she does.  She's jabbering up a storm, repeating everything we say, stringing words in to phrases, and soon will be talking so much we can't get a word in edgewise.   Her laughter fills my heart and the sparkle in her eyes delights my soul. 

      We spent the weekend helping Claybo get a little more settled into his little home... It's bitter sweet.  I love seeing him make his own home, but I miss my kids rambling about.... I am just thankful both he and his sis are nearby to drop in from time to time in their busy lives.

     I'm still dreaming of my spring garden.  After Christmas we've got to get busy on the farm clean up..... so much to pick up and clean up and repair from the normal wear and tear of farm life...

     Goal 1... fix the chicken, turkey and peafowl pens.... Got to pen them up if I'm gonna have veggies...

     Goal 2... Clean up those garden spots and get ready to plant by February.... dreaming of new potatoes, english peas, lettuces, and brocolli ......

     Goal 3...  surving til the spring.... oh how I miss you summer sun!

Merry Christmas everyone... May you be blessed!

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Monday, November 19th 2012

1:26 PM

November Days are Growing Short...

  • What is your mood? Thankful
  • What's the weather like? cool and fair

     It's time for sweaters...and this old girl misses the warm sunny summer days.  I guess there is a purpose for winter, it nothing but to reflect and dream and plan for the coming spring and summer.

     First off, I'd like to say I am thankful each day.  I am thankful for a God who created such a wonderful world to live in... the sky, the trees, the flowers, the birds and other animals.  He was so creative to make so many unique and beautiful creations.  I am thankful for my family too, the family of today and the rich history of my past.  I am thankful for the memories of my grandparents and only wished I had paid a little more attention to our lives way back then to  learn the things of the farm a little better.  I'm thankful for my little Nug...who made me a Nana and I hope I can share a few things with her as she grows up too.  Maybe I can even write them down, in case she's too busy to listen as her Nana was...lol.  I am thankful for my job, it keeps me on my toes, and gives me inspiration as well as a purpose for each day.  I hope I inspire my little ones to learn, to do their best, to care about others and treat them fairly....and yes, that life doesn't always go our way and sometimes, we just have to say "too bad" and move on...

        I started dreaming about the spring garden, hoping Nug bug will want to get out and garden with me this year.  I saw a new way to plant some taters... and then I saw picture of a key hole garden bed I want to try too. 

       And yes, I know... if I want to grow any tomatoes at all I will either have to fence them in ...or fence the birds in one...lol... Maybe a fenced tomato bed will be the best solution... Perhaps I can even plant my turnips there too as the turkeys have smashed them to bits this fall.... oh well...I did get a couple of good dinners out of there first.

      On the to do list is a lot of clean up around the farm... Plenty to do this winter before spring breaks...

       Happy Thanksgiving all!  May you and your family be blessed and enjoy the days together!

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Saturday, October 6th 2012

1:20 PM

Hello Fall...

  • What is your mood? Peaceful...
  • What's the weather like? lovely... sunny, breezy....

     ...although I will miss the hot steamy days of summer, I do enjoy the days of fall... minus...the sneezing... but we just won't go there as I look at the goldenrod blooming across the pasture out back....

     ... It's a time of settling down ... and a time of cleaning up after the end of summer coming at full blast... I blame it on aging... but I jus' can't keep up anymore...

    ... sitting and contemplating...  maybe making a list and prioritizing might make it so WE can accomplish one thing at a time...

   .... yard clean up... porch clean up.... pens clean up ... fence repairs.... barn repairs...the list goes on and on...


...... better remember to add in there... Nugget time... second cup of coffee time.... long hot soaking bath time.... lol....

... Happy Fall Ya'LL!

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