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Wednesday, January 12th 2011

9:21 PM

January 12th

  • What is your mood? fun
  • What's the weather like? cold, feetsies are cold!

    It was a good day today (despite not getting to see my Nugget!).  The children were all glad to see one another at school.  It was a nice day and I really enjoyed having a couple of days to organize and plan to get ready for today...even though we lost some time due to the snow (ice) days.   January is off and rolling.  Planning time does make things run so much more smoothly.  

   It is still cold...brrrrrrrrrr.... heater going... feet are still chilly though...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

   I am a summer time girl!  I'm dreaming of sun and grass to cut, and walks around the farm with Anna Grace.   I can't wait for her to meet all the critters who don't get eaten by the coyotes this winter... (I know I should be a bit more optimistic...I'm just pouting because they ate a peacock!).

   Question of the day... can I hold out til Friday to go and see Nugget... or will I have to go tomorrow?....hum?... I know she misses her Nana!



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