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Friday, May 25th 2012

8:11 AM

Sunny the escape artist....

  • What is your mood? Sunny
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       Sunny gave us quite a scare this week.  After working all weekend on his new run out back, Sunny decides to leap over the fence and go for a romp.  We built the dog run since we certainly didn't want him in the highway, getting in neighbors garbage, chasing chickens or other such mischief.  Since he is a digger, we put electric around the bottom of the run, but it was my mistake that led to his great escape tactic. 

         The run just doesn't have enough shade, so we put a small deck on some blocks for him to crawl under and relax.  But he had other ideas!  He promptly ate his breakfast, leaped on top and then leaped over the fence...and off in a made dash... for it was only 20 minutes before I left for work...and he was not there!  I called and called thinking that he was just meandering around the farm and would come back and check in... but no Sunny....the clock was ticking and I had to head off to work.  Needless to say I worried about him all day, but though that surely he'd be laying on the porch when I came home.

        A busy productive day at work finally led to returning home and still no Sunny dog...I called and called.  Perhaps he has gotten lost chasing a deer in the backwoods...Sunny would miss sleeping in his crate in the house tonight... I was wondering what he was having for supper... but we all said good night without Sunny!

      The next morning came and still no Sunny... Granny and Papa are looking for him, Lindi is keeping an eye out, I even sent Paw-paw to the pound to check on a stray that had been picked up...how he would have traveled that far I didn't know...but we checked anyway...Even little Nug went in the truck with us as we drove all around the neighborhood hollering... S  U  N N  Y!

       Finally, Granny saw a  yellow dog playing a few houses down on her way home from town and gave me a call.  Yep, it was Mr. Sunny.  He had found some fun doggy friends to play with down at our new neighbors house.  They had penned him up to keep him safe  and we were able to bring him back home. 

      So we need to rethink the little deck idea... I think it was just too close to the fence... will give him another try in the run while I am watching.  We are so glad you made it back home Mr. Sunny!   Little Nug's eyes lit up when she came back to visit and saw Mr. Sunny.  She said in her little southern voice..."Hey, Doggy!"  with a little squeal added.  Pure sugar that little girl.

       And so goes the story of Sunny the farm dog.

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