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Friday, May 4th 2012

4:36 PM

Sunny the Yellow Dog...Uhummmm....Cookie Monster....

  • What is your mood? Sunny
  • What's the weather like? Sunny and 90

       Sunny likes cookies.  The furry yellow cookie monster had eaten all of his cookies, and I tried working in some other various treats I had purchased for him.  But he just did not care for anything...except for a little cheese.  I kept wondering why he wasn't listening and doing his little commands that he had been marvellous at the week before. 

    Then I picked some more cookies up when I was grocery shopping and opened the box.  Yes, Mr. Sunny loves his cookies.  He will sit, stay,  lay down, and even go night night for his cookie.  Mr. Obedient Model Dog Child.... all for a cookie.   Who would have known he was the cookie monster... I think he now has a new nickname...

   This last time I got little tiny cookies... doesn't matter as long as it's a cookie!

      Crunch, Crunch!

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