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Monday, April 30th 2012

10:06 PM

Sunny the Yellow Dog

  • What is your mood? Sunny
  • What's the weather like? Sunny

      Old Sunny has settled into the farm in record time.  He helps with the farm chores everyday.  Although we do have a little bit more training  to do when it comes to leaving chickens alone.  He has one little hen...who has snuck off to a nest he loves to pester.  We will keep working on his manners with the feathered ladies over the next few weeks.

    He went to the vet about two weeks ago and has done well with his minor surgery.  He's back to his old self on his walks... sniffing to see if any deer have been along the path and pestering his friends the cats.     

     Sometimes he eats his supper a little too fast... and I think he has decided he likes the cooler air of the porch on these hotter spring evenings...Although he still likes to come him for his night times rest...

     So go the happenings of Sunny the farm dog...

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