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Saturday, January 7th 2012

11:42 AM

Happy 1st Birthday... Nugget (Anna Grace)

      Happy Birthday Nugget... I can not believe a whole year has gone by...and oh so quickly.  Anna Grace is one year old today.  It is so much fun being a Nana... although I admit... I don't have as much time to blog these days...

      We took her to eat at the Mexican restraunt last night... it's our family's treat most weeks... She's already learned to enjoy chips and cheese dip... along with a healthy portion of beans and rice.  She's even begun to try a little enchilada too... oh and she loves guacamoli (I'm not sure how to spell that...lol).... I borrowed a sombrero for her to wear since they didn't have a child size one... She just does not like any hats on her head... but we finally got...well kindof a picture... I am hoping we can get one each year for her.

    Today on her "real" birthday... she's having a very special Korean birthday party.  She has a little Korean komono dress to wear and her other Harmony is cooking all kinds of tastey dishes.  She's gonna come play with Nana (me) while the rest of her family are getting ready for the party this evening.   She's one little multicultural little girl...

     As for the farm... there's lots of work to do... but I just keep wanting to play baby doll with my girl!  The Moo's been bad once again... Richie had to redo the fencing trying to keep him in until we can get the butcher here... I will so enjoy that hamburger! 

    We are waiting for a few baby goats to arrive... we've really downsized the herd... feed prices are just too much!

    The horses have been munching on their hay... and waiting for spring... I know... horses...me too...

    The turkeys are constantly checking to see if the cats left any cat food... that was bad luck for the peacock... the coyote got him a month or so ago... so hopefully in the spring we can get another one...

or two...

     The pigs are busy rooting up the big garden... hopefully they will help get the weed problem under control out there...

     Happy New year everyone... 2012 is here!

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