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Sunday, July 24th 2011

8:29 PM

Lazy Summer... Lazy Blogger

     Summer has come and has been most enjoyable...playing with Anna Grace every chance I can get.  The days are ticking away until school begins again and my time is more regulated.  I've been a lazy blogger...not writing since January...shame on me!

    The garden is mostly weeds... the figs are ripe and falling off the bushes... I've eaten my fill most every day lately.  The critters are all doing well.  I'm a bit discouraged with the constantly rising feed costs, but I do enjoy the animals.  There are many repairs as always that need to be done to fences and pens...all in the day and life of a small family farm...more to do than time to do it.

    Anna Grace is 6 months old now... she can sit up on her own, and is rolling all over the place.  I feel she will figure out crawling soon and will have us all chasing her. Her mommy and daddy have found a house nearby and will close soon... I can't wait to have them a little closer.  She loves books...and Nana thinks she has to get her every cute one she sees of course.

    I can't believe Lindi is going to be a Jr. in High School this year... time just flies by too fast!  She's volunteering at PAWS this summer... helping take care of the animals there and baby sitting some for her younger cousins.  I know they enjoy her company. 

    Clay came and spent part of the summer with us... and we loaded up scrap metal... well... he loaded up scrap metal... So we got a little cleaning up done... it's always nice to have him home for a bit.  We are looking forward to his next visit soon.

    So school is right around the corner... Kindergarten will be fun... Time for more ABC's and 123's.... and I heard one of the children say at church this morning, "I can't wait to go back to school so I can go to recess! " Yes... there's nothing like recess!


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