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Sunday, February 8th 2015

6:56 PM

Time flies....

Well it's been a while since I've blogged... and I'd really like to get back into the swing of things...  We've been busy enjoying the Grand ones... Little Nug and Now little Tater... They make life fun!...but oh so busy with little ones.  
    Nug has really enjoyed gardening with us the past two years... and soon we will begin again this early spring... Planting lot's of sunflowers along with our veggies! 
    And this year... Tater will learn to dig in the dirt with us!
    Pawpaw spent the afternoon beginning to tear down the old shop... There's a lot of clean up yet to go... but maybe he will be able to rebuild his new shop soon... The kids will love tinkering with him as Nug already does... and Tater will follow soon behind.
     Winter is the time for dreams!  I began dreaming about working in the yards as we finally  had  a beautiful weekend to spend outside.  Lot's of work... don't know if my old body will hold up... but I guess I can have fun trying.  Dreaming of planting lot's of pretty flowers... dreaming of smelling fresh cut grass... dreaming of kid laughter playing in the tree house... Dreaming is good for the soul!
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