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Saturday, May 25th 2013

6:54 PM

Just a swinging...

      It's been a nice Saturday...even though little Nug caught a fever somehow... but overall she's been in a pretty good mood.  Pawpaw made her swing on her tree house today... Now she has her blue swing and her horsey swing... So she'll be swinging the rest of the summer.

    She took her tools out and helped Pawpaw as he worked (She was just a hammering and using her screw driver ....tightening up all kinds of things around the tree house ) ... with a few trips down the slide now and then in between.  We also had a mini picnic in the tree house today... nothing like a chip break with Miss Nug! 

    Granny brought us the cans she saved for us to work on our telephone system... so we've still got a project for next week... That and the bucket/ pulley system...

     Hope my Nugbug feels better tomorrow... She's been taking a late afternoon nap... and she's still warm...

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