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Wednesday, May 22nd 2013

7:39 AM

Summer 2013

      Well summer is finally here and I'm a happy girl.  I woke up way to early for my first day of summer break, but I've been enjoying the morning watching the sun bounce on the clouds and sipped on my second cup of coffee.  There is a wonderful breeze coming through the screen door, and I hear little goats maaaaaa...ing and an occasional crow from the rooster.  Life is good home on the farm. 

      Hum... what shall I accomplish besides some restful days from the hustle and bustle of teaching elementary school?  The chore list is long... I defiantly want to play with NugBug as much as I can.  She is growing up too fast.  I added some things to her tree house so we can climb up there and play, play, play.   We've gotta get Pawpaw to finish the swings... and we can sit and play and watch the garden grow.

      We've got baby chicks... two momma hens hatched off babies this past week... certainly means spring/summer is here on the farm.  The baby bunnies are growing fast too.  (Lots of little bunnies...if anyone wants one...lol)... baby pigs, baby goats.... Yep, spring has been here!

       We're still trying to cut grass... the mower keeps looking at the job and saying... NO... I quit...and breaks...lol... but Farmer Pate keeps putting it back together... Maybe Nana can get out there and help Paw paw get it cut now that school is out. 

       Good morning... ready for a blessed day?  I am.  Thank you Lord for this day, for I know it is you that made it.  Amen!

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